Cadillac Is Trying Too Hard

by Freddie

Cadillac has fully immersed itself in the EV reinvention game. Obviously it’s far from the only brand doing that, but you kind of have to respect General Motors for the strength of the commitment. The company told its entire Cadillac dealer network to get with the times or get out, and it’s clearly attempting to form a new identity around the Lyriq and Celestiq.

Those won’t be the only models to receive the “-iq” suffix, as we learned some time ago. But the full names of the remaining vehicles that will build out Cadillac’s range have been unknown. Until now.

Three names — Vistiq, Lumistiq and Escalade IQL — were leaked by CarBuzz citing “trademark filings with several trademark offices, including the UK and Austria” on Thursday. CarBuzz doesn’t link to these listings in its article, though Vistiq does indeed show up on the U.K. Intellectual Property Office website, as does Lumistiq in the database of the Austrian Patent Office. It would seem these are legit, then — though that’s not to say Cadillac couldn’t still change its mind and go with something else.

Then again, why would it? It’s not like those names are any more contrived than Lyriq and Celestiq, though they are further removed from the English language. Yes, I know all names are bullshit and there’s no such thing as a “Veloster” (though there is such a thing as a “Miata,” it turns out). But the harder Cadillac leans into this, the more I wish the alphanumerics stuck around.

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